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Are you fed up with low energy and being sick too often? Would you like to easily make delicious, nutritious, raw, plant-based dishes that increase energy, strengthen immunity, mimic the joy of comfort foods, and improve health? Download our free 5-day meal plan to get you to your best health yet!

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    “I was overweight and experiencing several health challenges, including heart disease. As a business owner, I couldn't afford to be sick or lack energy. I saw the results Kenny had with his program, so he worked with me to adopt a high-raw, vegan lifestyle. It was far easier than I thought it would be! Everyone eats some raw food, but he helped me to take it to a higher level. The results were instant! I began to lose weight every week and my energy was through the roof! I wasn't catching colds or the flu when everyone else was. I dropped 30 pounds in three months! I run my business more effectively now and I know that I'll be around for my grandchildren! Life is great!”


    Kalamazoo, MI

    What you get:

    This raw, vegan meal plan contains recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days, along with a bonus dessert, that are delicious, easy, and quick to prepare! The breakfasts are mouth-watering smoothie bowls with some incredible superfoods!

    What is it all about?

    Eating all of your meals as raw and vegan will give you optimal, ideal health. However, you can improve your health by adopting this lifestyle anywhere from 50% to 100%. Let’s face it, folks. Everyone knows, even without the unlimited amount of scientific proof, that raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the best foods on God’s green earth. Why not increase those delicious, nutritious options in your daily meals? What would you have to lose … except maybe that sluggish, run-down feeling?

    With our recipes, which include many innovative ways to still eat your comfort foods, you won’t even miss your old, unhealthy diet. After you get used to the fresh taste of our healthy substitutes, your old junk food just won’t cut it anymore.

    We have many helpful videos and blogs with healthy tips and recipes to aid you in going more raw to restore energy and immunity. We will let you know about these periodically, but we won't overwhelm your inbox. Just sit back and let us show you how to remake your grandmother's comfort foods in a healthy way! Join us on this incredible health journey that's good for the soul and body!