Month: April 2020

Immune Booster Juice - Fake Mountain Dew
Beverages, Recipes

Immune Booster Juice – Fake Mountain Dew

Stay home and cook with me and Joann to make healthy raw vegan Mountain Dew. We’ll show you how to make Mountain Dew healthy as a vitamin-C-rich juice and a natural immune booster juice recipe. We like to call it Mounain Re-Dew. This fake Mountain Dew knock off has very healthy raw vegan ingredients and is absolutely delicious!

Low-Fat Carrot Cake Bites
Desserts, Recipes

Low-Fat Carrot Cake Bites

Most raw vegan desserts are made with nuts, so they are high in fat. We’ve perfected a delicious recipe for low-fat carrot cake bites that does not contain any nuts. Yum! How can you go wrong with carrot cake?!