FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What diet is this?

Our most common FAQ. This is a lifestyle, rather than a diet. If we had to describe it as a diet, it would resemble the best of a raw, vegan, allergy-friendly diet. For the majority of your daily calories, we recommend eating raw, vegan meals with no added sugar and little to no grains. Whether that “majority” means 51% or 100% is up to you. We can help you incorporate more raw, vegan food into your diet for greater energy and stronger immunity. We also remake comfort foods in a healthy way. You already know how to cook; let’s uncook!

This may sound very restrictive, but most people are already doing some form of paleo or keto these days. Why not upgrade these into a very clean diet that can transform your health to the next level. Our tips for getting healthy on a budget will mostly include raw, vegan options, but we know that some of your calories may come from cooked food. So, we will also include tips for gluten-free cooking. You may not want to fully give up animal products, so we will give tips on finding the cleanest sources.

This lifestyle is for optimal health. If followed 100%, you can enjoy the best health you could ever imagine. Even if your intention is to simply improve your health, you can adopt only 50% of this lifestyle. Maybe you could start at 50% and gradually increase it until you have fully adopted it. Make it flexible, while also committing to learning how to be the healthiest person you can be.

Do I need to buy a lot of special ingredients?

It may seem like a lot of special ingredients, especially if you are a junk-food junkie. However, the biggest change will be purging that junk food from your pantry and refrigerator. Replacing those addictive, poor-quality “foods” may seem daunting, but we will have many suggestions on inexpensive ways to do this with high-quality, mostly-organic, life-giving choices. Whether this is done all at once (recommended) or gradually, we can help you get there.

20 Tips for Buying Healthy Groceries on a Budget

What equipment do I need?

We do recommend some equipment that can be tough on the budget, but start with what you have now. For instance, we recommend a quality, high-speed blender, but use the blender you currently have for now until you can afford a better appliance. We recommend a dehydrator, but using your oven on its lowest temperature will suffice for now. A food processor would make your life easier, but an inexpensive mandoline will do the trick for slicing and your blender for processing. Also, used food processors can be found in thrift stores for good deals. Spiralizers can be found in thrift stores as well. Just upgrade your existing appliances when your budget allows and look for bargains when you do.

Do you need to eat all raw to be healthy?

Eating all of your meals as raw and vegan will give you optimal, ideal health. However, you can improve your health by adopting this lifestyle anywhere from 50% to 100%. Let’s face it, folks. Everyone knows, even without the unlimited amount of scientific proof, that raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the best foods on God’s green earth. Why not increase those delicious, nutritious options in your daily meals? What would you have to lose … except weight? With our recipes, which include many innovative ways to still eat your comfort foods, you won’t even miss your old, unhealthy diet. After you get used to the fresh taste of our healthy substitutes, your old junk food just won’t cut it anymore.

Using Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Seeds, Our Recipes Make Delicious Substitutes for Your Favorite Comfort Foods
Using Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Seeds, Our Recipes Make Delicious Substitutes for Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Do you make money from this?

Most of our content is free to help you improve your health. We may include affiliate links from time to time, which would give us a little income if you choose to buy any of our suggested items, but we won’t get our feelings hurt if you don’t and it won’t cost you anything extra. Helping you become healthy is our goal. We will also have books, cookbooks, ebooks, and courses for sale that we hope you will purchase as tools to help you gain your best health yet.

Should I consult a physician before following your advice?

Absolutely. Your doctor is your coach. Do your own research, but follow up with your physician and run your plan by him. If you choose to follow my advice without consulting your physician, then you are self-prescribing. You fully have the right to do so, but you may need your doctor to monitor your progress to ensure that all of your blood levels are normal and your organs are functioning properly. Although I am a Certified Nutritionist, I cannot give you medical advice. I can only give you the benefit of my knowledge, experience, prayer, and encouragement. Any lifestyle change could possibly cause detoxification symptoms, so the risk belongs to you. The decision is yours alone. Use your doctor and me as your coaches, but make your own choices.